1st Round of Polish Nationals – Nowy Sącz

May 14, 2018

Last weekend our drivers attended in 1st Round of Polish National Championship in Nowy Sącz. As always the track was perfect and weather too. Our drivers started in Formula and TC Stock 13.5T (ETS rules).

In Formula started Krystian Kopacki (Serpent SF3), Kamil Kubica (Corally FSX10) and Patryk Jeż (Roche Rapide F1 EVO). Krystian and his Serpent were on point and won all practices, qualis and 2 final runs. In short TQ+win. Patryk and Kamil had some problem with rear grip and overall they ended up in 4th – Patryk and behind him in 5th Kamil.

In TC Stock 13,5T our drivers took 1-2-3 places in qualis. The fastest was Krystian Kopacki (Xray T4). Behind him Jakub Kłapacz (Team Magic E4RS4) and Łukasz Mach (Serpent Project 4X). In finals Krystian confirmed his domination by winning 1 and 3 heats. Jakub and Łukasz had bad luck and overall they took one place lower comparing to qualis.

Overall we are very happy from result, but we need to work on setups and eliminate all small setup problems and mistakes at the track. Below you can read drivers’ reports.

Jakub Kłapacz

Last weekend was the first round of the Polish championships in Nowy Sacz. It was my first asphalt race this season. I started in the most competitive electric class stock 13.5t the same rules as the ETS series.

Weekend brought good weather and great conditions on the track, from the beginning the speed was with me, but not enough to get TQ in qualifying. On the last qualification I used new tires and the difference was huge, I claim TQ run and beat the track record which was not beaten by others until the end. Nevertheless, previous qualifications were not so good and the next day I started from the 2nd position in the finals.

The finals, unfortunately, did not go my way, in the first I made a mistake at the very beginning and I finished the 3rd, second finale finished 2nd and the third final also finished 3rd which finally gave me 3rd place on the podium.
I am very happy with the result, still a few things to improve, but my Team Magic E4RS4 works great, I look forward to the next races.

Patryk Jeż

My first asphalt even with Roche F1 EVO and lots of questions before. First controlled practice gave me few answers and first feeling was very good. Later was only worse… Car started spinning in corner exit and I had big problem with rear grip on new ETS Volante tires. All setup changes didn’t give big improvement to let me fight for win. After qualifications I was 3rd. Sunday – finals day was the same bad as the previous one. Overall I endep up in 4th place, maybe the worse, but in this situation only experience and very softly pushing throttle trigger secure me from lower position.

Now I know that I need more time at the track to find good setup for upcoming races with Volante. Now it’s time to pull oneself together and train harder and harder.

Łukasz Mach

Last weekend was a pretty busy for me as me and my teammates took part in first round of Polish nations. As always in Nowy Sacz track was perfectly prepared what’s more the sun was shining during the whole weekend so the grip was rather high.
My Serpent Project 4X was working flawless since the very beginning of the weekend, unfortunately I was missing some corner speed but anyway I managed to finished 4th overall. I am super happy that my teammate Krystian Kopacki managed to win with outstanding performance.
Overall it was a good weekend for our team. I am looking forward for a next testing sessions.
Last but not least thanks to my sponsors Mammoth Racing Concepts and Serpent