2nd Round of Polish Nationals – Ruda Śląska

June 10, 2018

Last weekend we attended in next round of Nationals in Ruda Śląska. Such a weird weekend, but with some succeses and disappointings. But let us start from the very begining.

On Friday (day before start) track was opened for drivers, but we didn’t have timing system. So philosophy of training was “Is it better or not? I don’t know, but the car had better/worse grip”. On Saturday and Sunday we’ve seen effects, because we were better prepared.

On Saturday we’ve been expecting rain, so everything happened very fast. First training session and… stop! AMB didn’t count laps for all drivers. Unfortunately those bad luck guys were Łukasz, Kamil and Krystian. Ok, it was only training heat, so no stress. Problem repeated in Q1. We did small investigation and guess the results! Noises at AMB was around 70!!! Manual say that over 50, AMB ‘is not reliable’. Fantastic information! Race has shouldn’t be even started. After our intervention noises have fallen down to 30-40. Mamma mia, finally! We were looking for Q2. That time AMB was ok, but Łukasz had bad luck and he ended almost last. Krystian was 1st, Patryk 3 rd.

In TC Spec 13,5T our drivers were super fast. Kuba won Q1 and Q2, Krystian was 2nd and Błażej was fighting for 3rd. Their cars were absolutely the fastest. And here we have ended up Saturday due to rain.

Sunday’s weather forecast wasn’t so optimistic, but we’ve started at 9am. In formula everything went in good direction. Krystian 1st, Łukasz 2nd, Kamil 4th and Patryk 5th. In TC guys also confirmed their domination. Kuba was 1st again, Krystian 2nd, unfortunately Błażej 4th. After Q3 the rain visited us again. After 15min jury and organisators decided to end the race. 40 min later during prize ceremony sun was shining and track started to drying. 1,5h after decision track was totally dry.

Overal results:

In formula: Krystian 1st, Patryk 3rd, Łukasz 6th

In TC Spec 13,5: Kuba 1st, Krystian 2nd, Błażej 4th

We want to summarize that weekend. First of all report is upload one week after the event, because we had to calm down.

  1. Jury and AMB. Distance between wires on the loop was too small. Noises were too big. AMB was not reliable during controlled practise and Q1. So why was Q1 counted to overall results? It destroyed all race for Łukasz and Kamil in formula!
  2. Decision about ending race due to rain. Seriously…? Waiting 15min is enough to claim what will happen for 1h?!

And this is the end of the report. We hope that similiar situation will NEVER happen in future.

Below report from Jakub Kłapacz – winner of TC Spec 13,5T

Last weekend is the second round of the Polish Championships in Ruda
Slaska, as always I competed in the most competitive 13.5t stock class.

Already on Friday I came to the track to find the perfect setup, my Team
Magic E4RS4 from the beginning was going very well, small changes allowed
for greater stability on a large and difficult track due to bumps.
Saturday and Sunday were very difficult due to the weather, after several
qualifying rounds on Sunday the competition was over because of heavy rain,
however I managed to win all the qualification runs and I won in the final
classification. I am super happy with the result, a lot of time spent on
the track paid off.