3rd Round of Polish Nationals – Jelcz Laskowice

June 29, 2018

Another weekend, another round of Polish Nationals, this time in Jelcz Laskowice. We arrived on
Friday to rest and start training early on Saturday morning. Unfortunately the weather forecasts for
the whole weekend were not very promising and on Saturday morning it was raining and the track
was wet. Fortunately, after about an hour it stopped raining and after the next hour, thanks to the
organizers the track was dry, so we could start qualifying. Conditions on the track were strange,
very large bumps and relatively low traction was a challenge for the whole team. The first
qualification in the Formula class belonged to Łukasz Potępa, who won with advantage, he also won
another two qualifications, which gave him TQ just ahead of Patryk, who was second, and Kamil was
ranked fourth in quali.

In TC Spec 13.5t, Kuba, Blazej and Łukasz Mach fought with traction, potholes on the track, and light
rain in the 3rd qualification. After qualifying, they finished: second Błazej, fourth Łukasz and fifth

The finals day, the weather forecasts were not very optimistic, but all day long the weather was good
without rain, except for the IC8 class finals when it rained.
The first final of the formula, start …. and the AMB device doesn’t count laps Łukasz and Kamil, and
what worse Łukasz won the race on the track. After the discussion with the judges and the organizer,
the results were corrected. The second finale and again the same, device does not count, laps Łukasz
and Kamil, but also a few people in other classes too. Furthermore on Saturday everything was fine,
the discussion with the judges give nothing, they doesn’t decide unequivocally whether they will
bring results. In the third final again the same. Throughout the situation, Łukasz lost his win in the
competition, and Kamil lost 4th place. It is very interesting that in other classes the judges corrected
the results, when they didn’t count the laps for Łukasz and Kamil. In this situation, Patryk won the
formula, but he behaved very well, giving the cup and Congratulations to Łukasz who really won.

In the Spec 13.5t class, pulling as usual was the highest level, due to technical problems of Paweł
Staszewski in the first and second final, and thanks to a great ride, Łukasz Mach won, Blazej was
fourth and Kuba the fifth. Blazej and Kuba rode very well, however, difficult conditions of grip and
potholes on the track did not allow for a better result.

To sum up, after the competition we have mixed feelings, again problems with AMB (in Ruda Śląska
there was the same problem) and the bumpy track was certainly a big downside, but the great time
spent with the team was definitely a plus.