European Championship day 3 – finals and summary

June 30, 2018

European Championship day 3 – finals and summary

The European championship is over, three days of incredible adventure, ups and downs, but in turn.

Day three and finals, eliminations did not bring the expected results, so the answer was obvious, we do everything we can in the finals. In the Formula class, Patryk showed that the C final he qualified was simply bad luck, because he won all three finals with ease and a big advantage, and finally gave him victory in the final C !!! Big congratulations, Patryk deserved the top of B final, but these is racing, bad luck, single mistakes and the traffic on the track didn’t allow to qualify for the B final.


The E10TC Spec class, high expectations, but also very big competition, Łukasz and Błazej went very well, unfortunately the regulations for Euro Championships are what they are and allow all 13.5t motors with EFRA approval, as it turned out that the motors differ significantly in parameters. The boys were well prepared, but the competitors, sponsored by large companies, used stronger and expensive motors of the American company, which made our players simply slower by the difference in equipment, which is sad.

Despite this, Łukasz went to the B final and fought for top positions in it. Błazej had a bad luck all weekend, numerous setup problems, which combined with the impure driving of some players, meant that Blazej had no chance to fight for positions.


In summary, the ups and downs, the first day started rainy, but then it was already the weather was good, thanks to which we went race with the best in the europe, which is the most important thing.
A few problems did not spoil us with great fun, the ability to represent Poland and the MRC Team at the European Championships.

We’re back with new experiences and will be back stronger for next year’s European Championschips