Mibosport Cup Big Final – Łukasz Mach’s Report

February 20, 2018

Mibosport Cup is in the books. This time I arrived to Hrotovice earlier than I used to that’s why I was able to take part in every practice heat. This allowed me to adjust my car setup faster so I could focus on my driving.

Before Saturday qualifications I was 7th, I knew that my Project 4X car was easy to drive and consistent. After Q1 I decided to change rolldampers spring as I felt that the car was stucking in the corners . Early in the Q2 I made a mistake that’s why I couldn’t improve my time. Q3 was definitely my best run in qualifications. I was able to push from the beginning. I ended up 4th on the grid in A-main.

A1 didn’t go as I was expecting. After some unlucky mistakes, I finished 6th.
A2 was a completely different story, I drove without mistakes with good pace. After leaders mistakes I was able to finished 2th.
At the beginning of the A3, leaders crashed and I was leading most of the race. Unfortunately, I made small mistake and ended up 2nd.

This two 2nd places in finals gave me my first win at the Mibosport Cup!

Looking forward to the next races.