1st Round of Polish Nationals – Nowy Sącz

May 24, 2019

Last weekend our drivers attended in 1st Round of Polish National Championship in Nowy Sącz. As always the track was perfect and weather was also almost on our side. Our drivers started in Formula and TC Stock 13.5T (ETS rules). In Formula Krystian Kopacki was on fire winning all the qualis and 2 final runs. […]

End of the indoor season

April 25, 2019

Last weekend was a competition in Krakow on KS Wanda track, where our team was represented this time only by two drivers: Jakub Klapacz and Lukasz Mach, but both rode in two classes, Stock and E12. In the stock class, after struggling with settings, a very tight track, and low grip, Lukasz Mach took the […]

Polish National Final

September 5, 2018

Polish championships are over, it was a very difficult season but also full of successes for the entire MRC team. Preparations for the final competition took a very long time to train and test to maintain ranking positions. Our drivers competed in two classes: Pro Stock and Formula. In both classes there was a fierce […]

Euro Touring Series Rd6 Big Final in Hudy arena – Report

July 16, 2018

Ufff what a weekend, 4 days of racing at a most advanced level in one of the best on-road electric car racing series in the world. Our team showed that it is strong, times very close to the A-mains guys, but at such a level and with equal conditions that are in the Pro Stock […]

European Championship day 3 – finals and summary

June 30, 2018

European Championship day 3 – finals and summary The European championship is over, three days of incredible adventure, ups and downs, but in turn. Day three and finals, eliminations did not bring the expected results, so the answer was obvious, we do everything we can in the finals. In the Formula class, Patryk showed that […]

European championship day 1 and 2

June 29, 2018

Our drivers compete in the European championships in Austria, a brief account of their actions. Day 1 (Thursday) weather forecast was not optimistic, but what was in place passed all expectations, downpour and huge puddles. The meeting of managers was to decide what we were doing. Trainings started normally, a few competitors prepared wet car […]

3rd Round of Polish Nationals – Jelcz Laskowice

June 29, 2018

Another weekend, another round of Polish Nationals, this time in Jelcz Laskowice. We arrived on Friday to rest and start training early on Saturday morning. Unfortunately the weather forecasts for the whole weekend were not very promising and on Saturday morning it was raining and the track was wet. Fortunately, after about an hour it […]

2nd Round of Polish Nationals – Ruda Śląska

June 10, 2018

Last weekend we attended in next round of Nationals in Ruda Śląska. Such a weird weekend, but with some succeses and disappointings. But let us start from the very begining. On Friday (day before start) track was opened for drivers, but we didn’t have timing system. So philosophy of training was “Is it better or […]

1st Round of Polish Nationals – Nowy Sącz

May 14, 2018

Last weekend our drivers attended in 1st Round of Polish National Championship in Nowy Sącz. As always the track was perfect and weather too. Our drivers started in Formula and TC Stock 13.5T (ETS rules). In Formula started Krystian Kopacki (Serpent SF3), Kamil Kubica (Corally FSX10) and Patryk Jeż (Roche Rapide F1 EVO). Krystian and […]

XRS Grand Final – Krystian Kopacki’s Report

May 9, 2018

XRS Grand Final in Trencin, it means 3 days of pure racing at Hudy Arena and beautiful weather. My first outdoor race this year was successfull. I have started in TC Stock 13,5t with over 30 drivers from all over the Europe. After controlled practices I was 10th on the grid. Good result and I […]

Final Round of Grand Prix Malopolski

April 10, 2018

Last weekend our drivers raced in Krakow at final round of Grand Prix Malopolski. We started on Saturday with controlled practices and one round of qualifying. In TC Stock 13,5 Jakub Kłapacz easy took tq overnight. His Team Magic e4rs4 was great and easy to drive on difficult and technical track. In Formula Krystian Kopacki […]

Grand Prix of Chełmiec – Jakub Kłapacz’s report

April 6, 2018

Last weekend, at the Grand Prix Chełmiec, I started in class E10TC 13.5t and for the first time in my life thanks to MRC in e12 class. I knew that I was well prepared, many trainings and tests paid off. In class E10TC, my Team Magic e4rs4 has been great since the beginning and I […]

Mibosport Cup Big Final – Jakub Kłapacz’s report

February 20, 2018

Last weekend, at the Big final of the Mibosport Cup, I reached the A-main final in the high competition class LRP Stock. After qualifying I was 8th, in the finals my speed was big enough to easily attack a higher position but it was very difficult to overtake on the track. Traffic on the track […]

Mibosport Cup Big Final – Łukasz Mach’s Report

February 20, 2018

Mibosport Cup is in the books. This time I arrived to Hrotovice earlier than I used to that’s why I was able to take part in every practice heat. This allowed me to adjust my car setup faster so I could focus on my driving. Before Saturday qualifications I was 7th, I knew that my […]

Mibosport Cup Rd 4

January 25, 2018

Last weekend we attended in Mibosport Cup Rd 4. We are happy from results, but always might be better. Łukasz Mach was 5th on the grid in LRP Stock and Kamil Kubica in his debut took 4th place in 2WD Stock. Our never ending work with setups gives excelent results. We are faster and faster […]

3rd Round of Polish Indoor Nationals

December 12, 2017

This weekend our drivers took part in Polish National, which was held in Krakow. We are very proud of them! Jakub Kłapacz dominated class TC Spec 17,5. He won all three finals. In TC Spec 13,5 Łukasz Mach was 3rd on the grid, this time unfortunately Krystian Kopacki was 7th, but he was testing new […]

IFMAR World Championship – summary

November 30, 2017

China Trip is over. We came back after 3 busy weeks. One of the best experiences in our lives. For us China is very exciting country, with delicious food and very friendly people. All of this cannot happened with our two special friends. Ivan Carisma, like we said it many times THANK YOU!!! To the […]

4wd practice and opening ceremony

November 17, 2017

Only two photos and short report. We are struglling with changing traction and setups of our cars. In the photo two amateurs and Michal Orlowski RC.

Tires preparation

November 15, 2017

Next day at the track. We were glueing and preparing our 4WD tyres (this time full control front and rear made by Sweep) and it took us almost all day. Later we made last setup changes in ours Carisma 4XS before tomorrow practices. Whats more? We want to thank a lot to Team Orion for […]

2WD Finals day

November 14, 2017

After qualifications Łukasz was in H-final (it was so close to G, but unfortunately he missed it for a few seconds) and Kamil was in M-final. Overall Łukasz was 73rd and Kamil 108th. We could say it is a good result. We are exhausted (what you can see in the photo). Tomorrow checking track before […]

Day 6 – Tricky track, crazy day

November 12, 2017

We were changing setups to find this one perfect almost all day. We are racing Carisma 2XS – new prototype of Carisma’s 2wd buggy. Overall car is pretty good and let to drive fast on this tricky track. Look at Ivan Carisma fb profile and check 2XS chassis! Tomorrow is new day and we hope […]

Mibosport Cup Rd2

November 12, 2017

Next month, next weekend in Hrotovice full of clear racing. Great organisation as always and great configuration of tracks allows experience emotional racing. Unfortunatelly we weren’t full team but everybody are preparing for the next round of mibosport. Great thanks for Michal Bok and others people responsible for organisation that event.

Day 5 – Worlds started!

November 11, 2017

Another hard-working day. We were at track checking. The track is covered with sugar and seems to be adhesive. Most of the time at the track we were glueling tires and assebling electronic. At the end of the day we ate delicious supper and dessert. Tomorrow we are starting practisec. Keep fingers crossed!

Day 4 in China

November 10, 2017

Very long and exciting day! Luckily our luggage is with us, little bit broken but only outside. All the electronic is OK! Today we’ve got fantastic gifts from Hedone. Really amazing watches! Thank you very much! Now, we are finishing prepare our cars in hotel room in Xianmen! Can’t wait for Sunday!  

Already in China

November 10, 2017

Lots of things are happening here. We were on dinner with Ivan Carisma and Chinese Moto-Maker company owner Swanson Chan. Our luggage is found and perhaps we will receive it today, but still we aren’t sure this. Thanks to Kamil who was calling all day to Balice Airport to find it. We are working on […]

Off to the World Championship

November 8, 2017

Officially we are off to China for World Championship! First stop in Amsterdam and nice few hours and dinner in this beautiful city. Now we are in China and we are waiting for… our luggage, which airlines lost… Unfortunately inside were our transmitters, servos, motors, esc… in short: all our electronics, so we will race […]

Moravskoslezský pohár in Bohumin

November 5, 2017

Yesterday our driver participated in local race in Bohumin, Czech Republic. For us, it was a warm up before Mibosport Cup and time for testing new setups. In TC 17,5 Stock Krystian Kopacki was 3rd, Łukasz Mach behind him and Jakub Kłapacz was 5th on the grid. In Formula Krystian was again 3rd and 8th […]

Mibosport Cup 2017/2018 – 1st Round

October 15, 2017

What a great weekend! We opened indoor season in Hrotovice. Two days of pure racing with all our drivers. Some new experience with new tires in both (onroad and offroad) classes. As always organisation of the event was excellent. Thanks to Michal Bok and all Mibosport Cup “Family” for nice weekend! See you next month […]

Happy ending of the outdoor season!

October 3, 2017

Last event in Nowy Sącz this year was definitely for our drivers! Jakub Kłapacz won in TC Spec 17,5, Krystian Kopacki won F1 and Łukasz Mach was first on the grid in Pro Stock with his new Serpent Project 4X which was extremely fantastic! Patryk Jeż reached 2nd position in F1 class. In TC Spec […]

Polish National Championship Final

September 3, 2017

This weekend (2nd-3rd September 2017) our drivers have competed in National Championship Finals in Ruda Śląska. In formula class Patryk Jeż took the 1st place and Krystian Kopacki was 3rd. In general classification situation looks the same. Patryk is Polish National Champion and Krystian is 3rd. […]

I Memorial of Piotr Jeż

August 14, 2017

Last weekend MRC Team competed at I Piotr Jeż Memorial in Nowy Sącz. Formula class was dominated by our team driver. First on the spot was Krystian Kopacki, second Patryk Jeż and third on the grid was Kamil Kubica. Krystian and Patryk were on top from the beginnig till the end, so only they […]