Polish National Final

September 5, 2018

Polish championships are over, it was a very difficult season but also full of successes for the entire MRC team.

Preparations for the final competition took a very long time to train and test to maintain ranking positions.

Our drivers competed in two classes: Pro Stock and Formula. In both classes there was a fierce fight to the very end. In the prostock class, as many as 6 drivers could still win the championship title at the final round, 4 of which were MRC drivers ( Krystian Kopacki, Jakub Kłapacz, Łukasz Mach and Blazej Orlowski), in the Formula class Krystian Kopacki won in 2 qualifying rounds but still fought for the championship with Patryk Jeż.

Fortunately, the weather was good and we survived 2 days of a pure race. After the qualifying rounds in the pro stock class, our competitors took 2-3-4-5 positions, in this class the first six drivers rode incredibly equally, each mistake meant an unrecognizable loss.

The final was incredibly spectacular, fight side to side, eventually after a fierce battle the classification of the competition was as follows:

2. Jakub Klapacz

3.Blazej Orlowski

4.Lukasz Mach

5.Krystian Kopacki

And the final classification in this class looked like this:

2.Jakub Klapacz

3.Krystian Kopacki

4.Łukasz Mach

5.Blazej Orlowski

In the formula class, Krystian Kopacki calmly held the 1st position throughout the competition and won the title of champion, Łukasz Potepa after unsuccessful qualifying rounds where the AMB device did not count the laps showed that when the device counts the speed is with him and in the last competition he took the 2nd position and jumped to the Polish championship podium, Patryk Jeż took third place in the competition and he held the Polish vicechampion.

Results in last round:

1.Krystian Kopacki

2.Łukasz Potepa

3. Patryk Jeż

And the final classification in this class looked like this:

1.Krystian Kopacki

2.Patryk Jeż

3.Łukasz Potepa


We can say that we dominated the classes in which we competed, and we have another competition ahead of us and soon the indoor season, so we are working hard on getting better and better results.