Mammoth Racing Concepts is proud to present our R/C car workshop. If Your car needs refreshment, You have come to the right place! We will clean, repair and setup Your car – simply – make it ready to catch some fun! We will take care of Your stuff comprehensively. Repairing is one thing, but we can also prepare You for racing or bashing, giving tips and guidance.

For newcomers – we will help You choose the car and class, show You where to race nearby. Moreover we will make Your car ready to run and prepare whole equipment like tools, spare parts, electronics etc.

For those who’s already racing, we will do complex makeover. Starting with cleaning, to the wiring whole stuff. We can also help You right at the race, to let You deal only with the track not with the car and setup.

What is the racers biggest problem? Wiring. There’s only one way to prepare it – perfect way. Check our gallery – that’s how we do it.

If You need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us!