1st Round of Polish Nationals – Nowy Sącz

May 24, 2019

Last weekend our drivers attended in 1st Round of Polish National Championship in Nowy Sącz. As always the track was perfect and weather was also almost on our side. Our drivers started in Formula and TC Stock 13.5T (ETS rules).

In Formula Krystian Kopacki was on fire winning all the qualis and 2 final runs. Patryk Jez after beautiful fights ended up at the 3rd place.

In TC Stock 13,5T our drivers took 1-2-3 places in qualis. The fastest was Łukasz Mach(Xray T4). Behind him Jakub Kłapacz (Team Magic E4RS4) and Krystian Kopacki (Xray T4). In finals Łukasz confirmed his speed by winning 1 and 2 heats. Jakub and Krystian had an amazing fights side to side. Overall our team took 1-2-3 in Stock category.

Congratulations to the whole team. We are looking forward to the next rounds of Polish Nationals.