Final Round of Grand Prix Malopolski

April 10, 2018

Last weekend our drivers raced in Krakow at final round of Grand Prix Malopolski. We started on Saturday with controlled practices and one round of qualifying.

In TC Stock 13,5 Jakub Kłapacz easy took tq overnight. His Team Magic e4rs4 was great and easy to drive on difficult and technical track. In Formula Krystian Kopacki was first on the grid and Patryk Jeż was behind him.

On Sunday morning grip has been little bit less than in previous day. Jakub had good fight at the track with Arkadiusz Smyk and overall he was starting in finals from second position. After finals situation didn’t change and overall Jakub was second. In formula Krystian was unbeatable winning all qualification heats and easily he took overall TQ. Patryk had a lot of bad luck and he ended only one heat without problem (broken servo horns two times during overtaking slower drivers and failed sensor in motor). In finals Krystian won first and third heats (second also but amb hadn’t counted one lap and then referee didn’t corect the mistake) and Patryk from 7th position cruised to the second in first and second finals, in third slower drivers hit him a few times and good result wasn’t possible. He ended up on the third place.

Overall in general clasification of Grand Prix Malopolski Jakub won TC Stock 13,5 and Patryk was second in Formula.