IFMAR World Championship – summary

November 30, 2017

China Trip is over. We came back after 3 busy weeks. One of the best experiences in our lives. For us China is very exciting country, with delicious food and very friendly people.
All of this cannot happened with our two special friends. Ivan Carisma, like we said it many times THANK YOU!!! To the knowledge of all, this guy founded the trip and take care of us for the whole time. But that’s not all. Ivan is a great, friendly and amazing person. Just Thank You Sir!
Ivan introduces us to his friend (now also ours) Jacky Wong from watch company Hedone. It was very special time we spent with You in Shenzhen. Jacky helps two unknown guys from Poland, that’s why we would like to Thank You very much.
As You all know we spend one week in Xiamen at World China. Racing the Carisma 2XS prototype and Carisma 4XS 2017. We were part of Carisma Racing Team that includes – Ivan Carisma, Billy Yeung, Paul Sykes, Ivan Chou. That was huge pleasure to meet You all guys, race, work on the chassis, talk and of course eat. Thank You for being there!

During the World Championship we were very happy to met with Oscar Jansen. As You probably know we’re huge Team Orion brand fans, so for us it was a big pleasure. We meet also Joe Pillars, who helps us with the ESC Setup.
What is more Oskar gave us amazing gifts. Some newest Orion Motors, batteries and ESC. You say nothing special? So check the photo, for who it was prepared!
We would like to highly encourage You to use Team Orion electronics. I’m racing with Team Orion’s electronics for a decent amount of time and I have never any problems. About quality – nothing to say, just look who are on the top now.

At the end of the adventure some memories…