Euro Touring Series Rd6 Big Final in Hudy arena – Report

July 16, 2018

Ufff what a weekend, 4 days of racing at a most advanced level in one of the best on-road electric car racing series in the world.

Our team showed that it is strong, times very close to the A-mains guys, but at such a level and with equal conditions that are in the Pro Stock class, every even the smallest mistake decides about several positions in the ranking.
In addition, the finals were very difficult conditions, very hot weather was conducive to overheating tires, which was an additional difficulty, previous settings did not work.

In the end, Łukasz went in the final of D where he even fought for the win, Krystian in the final E, and Kuba after big problems with the setup and after not good qualification, easy won G-final.

Krystian also competed in the Formula class where he got to the C final, which is a very good result, especially because of the “big names” drivers that were in this final.

The overall impression is amazing, it can’t be described by the words you need to be there!!! the best in the world, amazing atmosphere and races at the highest level.
Kuba, Krystian and Łukasz counted for better results, but these is racing, we will come back stronger.